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Thank you so much for writing for me, YT author!

I'm so excited for this exchange. I've been writing fanfiction for a long time, but I've always been too afraid to post anything. But Reading YT for many years made me want to participate so here I am!

Please have fun writing, that's what this is all about! Also, I'm so sorry I don't have many ideas for Cormoran and PODW! There are some fandoms I have a million plotbunnies for, and others I have none :( In general I love things that follow the tone of canon, so anything like that is awesome, and if none of these inspire you or have any stories you are itching to write, please go ahead!


Main one: adherence to canon in canon-compliant fics. I usually like fics to stick to things that are present in canon, and light in headcanons. I also love AUs, and here anything goes, really: modern AUs, Fantasy/Supernatural for muggle canons, and I dig What Ifs.

I like many genres: casefic, mystery, adventure, but also plotless curtainfic, particularly shippy. Fluff and romance, and also angsty darkfic (particularly the exploration of the dark underbelly of lighthearted canons). I LOVE Character studies. I adore experimental writing/5 things/loose sentences/list fics.

I am a shipper, big time, and for these fandoms I love mostly kind, warm, fluffy love. I have a weakness for characters being kind and loving (in the romantic and the platonic way), and I see most of my favourite characters that way. So when in doubt, I like them to be kind.

I don't mind Non-sexual, non-fingernails-involving torture, trauma and PTSD. I'm also OK with smut/explicit fic (in fact I'd *love* to get smut of one request in particular - see below. I do not have any particular kinks I'd like to see for these characters.

Canon- or character-bashing, headcanons and taking liberties with canon. Movie!canon. (Sorry if this is annoying! But these are mostly the only thing that will really take me out of a story).

Kink nopes: Scat, rimming, watersports, A/B/O, mpreg, dirty talk, humiliation.

Thematic nopes: Infidelity or divorce, terminal illness, non-canon drug use/addiction or self harm.

James Bond - Ian Fleming

James Bond (Fleming)
Tatiana Romanova (Fleming)
Tiffany Case (Fleming)
Loelia Ponsonby (Fleming)

These characters can be found on "Diamonds are Forever" and "From Russia with Love", in case anyone who hasn't read the whole canon wants to write them, wink wink.

Also they don't appear together, so you don't have to include all of them.

Now, I think my interpretation of Bond may not be most people's (it definitely isn't the movies'.) I see James as a kind guy, who hates killing but will do it for Queen and Country, and who falls totally and headfirst in love with any attractive woman he spends 5 minutes with. He only shies away from relationships because it kills him when they end (and he went and tried to marry one of these women anyway). And he tends to mirror their attitudes (which is why he went full melodrama with Tatiana).


I mostly want shipfic, and by shipfic I mean porn. A character so well known for all the sex he's having, and all the books fade to black! So, any sex scene implied but not actually shown in Diamonds and Russia (or inbetween) would be lovely.

The year of Bond/Tiffany, with James slowly going mad with boredom. Fluff or angst or both!
Specific story idea: Tatiana after From Russia, locked up, then exiled, and thinking Bond is dead. What's her life like? Does she ever meet him again?

Loelia Ponsonby, his canonical not-quite-love-interest secretary. She's not willing to marry him, but I'd love to see her comforting him (or "comforting him") after his latest heartbreak, or recovery from lengthy torture or almost death which happens disturbingly often, James.

A gen Loelia-POV on Bond throughout the years would be wonderful too! I love Outsider POV character studies.

For Bond-only gen, I'd love James Bond Doing Things. James Bond fixing his car, fleecing guys at cards, playing golf, being picky about his breakfast. What's his day like, when he's not up to his butt in SMERSH? What's the story of his first tailored suit?

I know the canon has problematic elements. I'd prefer the writer to skip anything they're uncomfortable with, without challenging it or changing it :)

Also I'd prefer no spoilers past Goldfinger, no movie!canon, and no other-authors!canon.

Cormoran Strike Series - Robert Galbraith
Robin Ellacott
Cormoran Strike

For the first time in my life, I love them both as a ship AND as friends. So anything goes.

I'd love to see casefic, character studies, or unusual narrative styles. Snippets of diferent cases, written as reports. No future fic, though.

One specific request: A Casual Vacancy crossover. Cormoran & Robin show up to investigate a crime in Pagford. Can use TCV characters or originals in the same flavor.

Supernatural/Magical AU... including Harry Potter AU, c'mon, you knew it was coming. HP AUs are fun 

The Pirates of Dark Water

Ren (Pirates of Dark Water)
Tula (Pirates of Dark Water)
Ioz (Pirates of Dark Water)

I COULDN'T BELIEVE WHEN I SAW IT NOMINATED! This show was my childhood.

I'd really love to see darkfic, or realistic fic. Futurefic, character studies. The world of Mer is pretty fucked-up, and poor Ren is a sweethart. Can he remain so?

I don't ship anything in particular, so any permutation of the three is welcome, or none! Also consider: bondage.


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